Sanus Per Aquam (latin: health through water)

The Hotel Albatros SPA facilities comprise of:

Dry Finnish sauna. This is a sauna with low relative humidity of around 10%. Temperatures reach between 750C and 1100 C. A dry sauna stimulates circulation and each session ends with a cool bath.

Wet Finnish sauna has an optimal temperature of between 700C and 900C and relative humidity (achieved by automatic water dosage) of up to 35%.

Infrared sauna including colour therapy (private spa). This is a sauna without steam and with low air temperature of between 400C and 650C. Instead of traditional heat sources it uses ceramic infrared heaters. The infrared system enables deep heat penetration and is suitable for everyone, young and old, everyday if they so desire. Medical tests have shown incredible health benefits from the radiating heat and it is considered remarkably effective. The heat penetrates the body as deep as 4 cm and warms up the organism without the need for air as its carrier. This causes the body to perspire more and lose up to 250% more fluids than in a traditional sauna. During one 30-minute session the body sweats off around 600-800 kcal.

Steam sauna (Turkish bath) has humidity reaching 100% and a lower temperature of 400C
to 500C.

NeoQi Energy Cocoon Therapy. Offers a steam sauna, aromatherapy, infrared sauna, Vichyshower, Vibro massage, hydro massage and therapy bath depending on individual needs.

Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi offers a chance for unwinding in soothing and relaxing warm water and the available hydromassage causes the body to calm down and relieves tension. The swirling water massages and relaxes all over.

The Salt Grotto is an excellent way of providing your body with minerals and trace elements, including iodine.

Sensation shower. This is a shower with changeable intensity, pattern and temperature of water jets.

Sunny meadows. Thanks to our warmed roman benches and light similar to natural sunlight you can feel like you are on a Caribbean beach getting a healthy tan!

Kneipp's hydrotherapy foot bath has quick temperature changes to stimulate blood flow and boost your immune system.

Our Gym has treadmills and exercise bikes, wall bars and an Atlas Training System.

Private SPA. Our private SPA is available for 4-6 people, includes a dry sauna with a traditional heat source and infrared heaters, a steam sauna and a Jacuzzi. It is located in a separate, lockable room.