Local Attractions

Our hotel is situated by the clean and picturesque Serwy Lake, which attracts everyone who enjoys sunbathing, swimming, boats, kayaks and pedalos. Here angling enthusiasts will find excellent opportunities for fishing, and cleaning and frying their catch.

We are surrounded by the Augustów Primeval Forest - the largest virgin forest complex in Europe. It is an ideal place for enthusiasts of active tourism, mushroom pickers and everyone seeking contact with pure nature.

Not far from our hotel, the Augustów Canal is a historic waterway providing a direct link between the tributaries of the Vistula River and the Neman River. The Serwy Lake situated at its highest point, feeds the whole canal. It is an excellent canoeing route and we advise our guests to take a kayak and cross at least one of the waterway's locks.

The Czarna Hańcza River is one of the most popular canoeing routes in Poland. After practising your kayaking skills on the Serwy Lake, it is worth taking a trip down the river. We offer transport for people and kayaks, and help in planning the course.

The surroundings of our hotel are excellent for cycle tourism. Many cycling routes crisscross the Augustów Primeval Forest and the Wigry National Park. The international cycle way Euro Velo R-11 linking Athens in Greece with the North Cape in Norway runs directly by our hotel. We offer bicycle hire facilities.

If during your stay at our hotel you decide that you long for a little more civilisation, you can visit Augustów, where boulevards by the Netta River attract crowds of strollers. You can find out what the "nights in Augustów" - made famous by a Polish song - are really like. And enthusiasts of water-skiing can try the cable water skiing on the Netta River. On the way to Augustów you might want to see the renowned Marian Shrine in Studzieniczna, which was visited by the late Pope John Paul II.

Passenger cruises and gondola trips are yet another attraction of Augustów. The most popular Papal Trail leads from Augustów to Studzieniczna via the Augustów Canal and the Przewięź lock. Gondola or catamaran trips allow participants to see the famous Rospuda River from close up.

The Wigry National Park's border runs less than 10 kilometres from our hotel. You can take a trip through the Park on the narrow-gauge railway. We also recommend visiting the former Camaldolese hermitage in Wigry and the Wigry Museum in Stary Folwark.

The Suwałki Landscape Park offers many attractions not only in the summer months. Here you can go to the Hańcza Lake (the deepest in Poland), or see boulder deposits, and the picturesque countryside which provided the background for filming "Pan Tadeusz" (Sir Thaddeus). You can also climb the highest hills in this region of Poland. During winter a modern ski centre Szelment opens its doors for enthusiasts of downhill skiing.

An undeniable attraction of our hotel's location is its proximity to the Lithuanian border. Only 200 kilometres separates us from Vilnius and barely 90 kilometres from Druskininkai. We can organise bus tours into Lithuania, for individual customers in summer time and for organised groups all year round; or if you prefer you could organise your own independently.